The event you've all
been waiting for so long!
November 18 6 pm, NY

The greatest of webinar show of Madonna

‘Rhythms of the Universe’

You will have an exciting journey to the star
of your luck and predestination!

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    Why is this webinar show
    not to be missed?
    If you want something different, you need to do something different. It's never too late to change your life,
    no matter how difficult your situation may be.

    It's time to become what you were destined to become when you were born.
    Believe that you can do it... You can do everything!

    You are a person sent to Earth to make this world better, to begin an era of tranquility, peace, and divine love.

    Today, a cry for help is spreading throughout the Universe. Your conscious decision to change your life is a response to the call of the Universe.

    Together we will stop disasters!

    Together we will help thousands of people to find the meaning of life!

    Together we will save our Earth!

    The webinar show ‘Rhythms of the Universe’ is the first step to unite to your soul, the star of your predestination, and the beginning of your new story.

    Don't wait for another opportunity to start a new life.
    Take your chance right now by tuning your heartbeat to the rhythm of the universe.

    Be aware that you’re a star!
    Your mission is to give light!

      Only at this event you will see your individual symbol to find your star of luck and predestination!
      Why Rhythms of the Universe?
      We are living through a time of unprecedented change.
      Many people stood on the sidelines, waiting for everything to get back to normal.

      But that never happened, and no one knows how and when this period will end.
      We can’t let these difficult times stop us from creating the life of our dreams.

      We have to re-evaluate, invert, invent, and rebuild all aspects of human experience. It's not always easy, and most people don't even know where to start.

      That’s why Madonna is doing this great webinar show ‘Rhythms of the Universe’. Its main purpose is to help you remember who you are and learn how to use the ‘tools’ of the Universe in order to maximize your capabilities, live life to the fullest and in harmony in a rapidly changing world.

      After passing this webinar, you will raise your vibration level and begin to radiate bright energy of happiness, which will allow you to find peace in your soul and get the life you want.

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        «The Rhythms of the Universe are a challenge to be alive, a challenge to be honest, a challenge to live your truth! It’s a challenge to love and be loved! It’s a challenge not to betray yourself! It’s a challenge to go your own way! It’s a challenge to live, to be happy and rich. It’s a challenge to be yourself! The Rhythms of the Universe are the choice of those who are ready to face their real selves, who are ready to enter this new time with an open mind, live honestly, joyfully, and be happy.»
        The format of webinar show
        ‘The Rhythms of the Universe’

        you can connect to the webinar from anywhere in the world.


        the event will be held in real time by Madonna.

        Meet your soulfamily and starhome

        Madonna will give you the ‘settings’ of a new consciousness that will help you start controlling your thoughts and enter a flow state, and from the very beginning you will realize that you have found your soulfamily that you have been looking for for so long. You will feel in the right place. At the right time. With the right people.

        Rhythm meditation ‘THE POWER OF 4 ELEMENTS’

        Expands the horizon of perception of the world!

        Reveals the inner potential! Your heart will start beating in rhythm with the whole Universe. It is at this frequency that all your wishes come true. On this vibration, you enter a flow state and trust the Universe.

        By awakening the qualities of all the elements, you will be able to gain the power that will allow you to control the elements. That means that together we can prevent many disasters and protect humanity from destruction and death.

        Discover the 5 elements in yourself! Help the planet!

        Temple dance ‘FEEL LIKE A STAR’

        Awaken your creative power, discover your talents, enhance your glow, step into flow!

        In Temple Dance we get rid of negative energies, offer the Universe what we have to receive more in return, and dance to tune and unite to cosmic rhythms. During the practice, you will be able to balance the memory of your soul and awaken the will, creativity, and the power to make your own decisions.

        sound healing

        Calm the chaos. Mend the mind. Balance the body. Soothe the spirit.

        By tuning to the live music of singing cups, you will get a unique opportunity to immerse in the energies of the new time. This music will help you get rid of all suppressed emotions and negative beliefs!

        the message of the stars - WHAT IS YOUR STAR OF LUCK AND PREDESTINATION?

        How to reveal your real self?

        The Universe gives particular opportunities and chances for you and the whole world. Find out what the stars have prepared for you, and use their secrets to learn the TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF, ABOUT WHO YOU ARE!

        Mystic dance ‘GLASS WALKING’

        Awaken your spirit.

        Acknowledge your limits and your new opportunities. Glass walking is a wonderful practice that helps you reveal the power of all 5 elements and ‘tame’ them. Each person is a star, and this dance is aimed at awakening the light in you — you will shine bright and discover a lot of new opportunities in life you’ve never noticed before.

        Exclusive elaborate
        online training for $1800
        Synthesis of practices combining different methods of transformation, different mindsets. Oriental meditation techniques that have come to us from the depths of centuries, soul healing, ecstatic dance, sound healing, Sans energy theaters, the Universe, and stars.
        However, you
        will not pay this price!

        We want to make this knowledge and practice available to as many people as possible, and
        therefore we give you a FREE TICKET to the show webinar!

        So if you are ready to take this chance, register here:

          Who is Madonna?
          • Enlightened woman and temple priestess
          • Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo
          • Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth, and healing abilities
          • Besides, she is a leader of charity movements all over the world. Every day she helps women all around the world, with advice and deed, to become empowered, healthy, and happy
          • Madonna is an enlightened woman, who came from the star Sirius to Earth with a great mission. Enlightened Masters call Madonna “The Mother of the Earth” because by her spiritual actions, prayers, meditations and magic rituals she strives to prevent the end of the life on Earth
          • Charity leader, Creator of the International Temple school, she leads circles of Feminine Power, seminars and practices of love and mutual help all over the world. She does everything what is needed to help humanity to avoid the planetary catastrophe and to reach prosperity
          Join a thriving global
          community - Women of Power
          is driven by grand ideas to impact the world in positive and uplifting ways.

          The best part is you’re not just attending one event. You’re joining a community of brilliant people who meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to make an impact on the world.

          Once you attend you'll never feel alone again.

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